Lorna Firth


Hi, I am Lorna Firth, and I am here to help and guide you to a better version of you. I am a highly experienced GoE Professional Practitioner and GoE Trainer, with more than 20 year experience.

For those of you that seek 1-2-1 therapy I offer FREE 30 minute remote consultations where we can discuss your needs and talk about how I can help you with your own personal challenges. 

Stress, depression, anxiety, grief, unwanted behaviors, phobias, confidence issues, relationship problems, PTSD and OCD, are just some of the areas in which I can help you. 

As a GoE Trainer I also offer an extensive range GoE of training's, including Modern Energy Tapping, Modern Stress Management and the BRAND NEW Star Matrix Masters Course. In addition to the Events you see below, I can offer courses with dates that suit you, either 1-2-1 or as part of a group. Please drop me a message to discuss your needs. All training's are presented with integrity and compassion and lead to accredited qualifications at both Self-Help and Professional Level.


I am committed to continual professional self development to enhance my therapy and training skills. In addition to my GoE Qualifications I am also a Qualified Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Licensed Hypno Band Practitioner Mnemodynamic Therapist and an NLP Practitioner.

I encourage clients and students towards self empowerment and to take control of their lives, thoughts, actions and improve their emotion well being and I very much look forward to working with you.


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