MET Foundation with Lorna Firth

Longside, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire | 14 November 2020

Course Contents

If you are looking to become a professional Modern Energy Tapping Professional  Modern Energy Tapping foundation level is the perfect springboard for you.

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation is a course of four units, and the live training is normally taught in one day. By the end, you'll have learned:

1) Unit One: Introduction To Modern Energy Tapping

The History of Modern Energy Tapping
The SUE Scale
The Heart Position
The Modern Energy Tapping Points
How To Tap Modern Energy Tapping
The Modern Energy Tapping Treatment
The Modern Energy Tapping Set Up
How To Raise Energy
Positive Modern Energy Tapping

2) Unit Two: The Energy Billionaire

The Different States of The Energy Body
The Stress To Success Pyramid Model
How To Give The Energy Body What It Needs To Be Stronger, Happier & Healthier
How To Become An Energy Billionaire
How To Draw On Powerful Nature Energies
How To Draw On Pure Animal Energy
How To Energize With Colour Energy
Using Modern Energy Tapping To Unlock The “Oceans Of Energy” For You

3) Unit Three: From Problems To Solutions

How To Manage Real Life Stress
How To Use The Aspects Model
How To Release Negative Emotions
Set Ups For Different Stress Levels
How To Stay Energized In Real Life
How To Convert Problems Into Solutions
How To Find Powerful Positive Set Ups
How Many Rounds To Tap
How To Tap For Past Aspects
How To Tap For Future Aspects
How to Tap By Proxy For Other People



4) Unit Four: Modern Energy Tapping For Two - And More!

Tapping Modern Energy Tapping With A Friend
Modern Energy Tapping With A Partner
Modern Energy Tapping With A Group
Tapping With Children
Tapping With Older Children & Teenagers
How To Teach and Share Modern Energy Tapping
The Heart of Gold Pattern

Course fee 150 GBP./Euros

Deposit 50 GBP/Euros required

Discounts available.

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Lorna Firth
  •  Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, England
  •  Lerwick, Shetland, United Kingdom
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